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Racing Rules Question & Answer Service Booklet

World Sailing Q&A Booklet

Racing Rules Question & Answer Service - 2016 Q&As

World Sailing Q&A2016.007 L009Sculing at the starting line - SCULL 2
World Sailing Q&A2016.006 J019Missing the Time Limit After Giving Outside Help
World Sailing Q&A2016.005 J018Appeals and Interested Parties
World Sailing Updated Q&A2015.003 L006 Numbers and letters in sails
World Sailing Q&A2016.004 G012AP ashore
World Sailing Q&A2016.003 J017Electronic communication
World Sailing Q&A2016.002 L008When a Crew Member not On-Board Touches the Mark.
World Sailing Q&A2016.001 B011The Boat Closer to the Mark

Racing Rules Question & Answer Service - 2015 Q&As

ISAF Q&A2015.015 J016Protesting when Appendix P applies
ISAF Q&A2015.014 G011Signals for change of course
ISAF Q&A2015.013 L007More about numbers in sails
ISAF Q&A2015.012 G010 When a black-flag boat finishes first
ISAF Q&A2015.011 E004Crossing the finishing line with crew in the water.
ISAF Q&A2015.010 J015Fairness of protest time limits.
ISAF Q&A2015.009 G009Finishing or not?
ISAF Q&A2015.008 J014When a protest has been withdrawn
ISAF Q&A2015.007 G008Signal to indicate an event has ended
ISAFQ&A2015.006 G007Adding racing days to an event
ISAFQ&A2015.005 J013Scheduling Protest Hearings
ISAF Q&A2015.004 J012Withdrawing a request for redress during a hearing
ISAF Q&A 2015.003 L006Numbers and letters in sails
ISAF Q&A2014.020 L005Stowing heavy sails
ISAF Q&A2015.002 J011Damage, boats actions and redress
ISAF Q&A2015.001 G006When flag O has already been displayed.

Racing Rules Question & Answer Service - 2014 Q&As

ISAF Q&A 2014.019 K005Incidents on Medal Race days. Addendum Q.
ISAF Q&A2014.018 G005Alternative penalties for OCS
ISAF Q&A2014.017 G004Race committee signals
ISAF Q&A2014.016 L004Rule 49 - Using halyard attached to harness
ISAF Q&A 2014.015 C001Forced over the starting line
ISAF Q&A 2014.014 B010Radio-controlled boats on different legs
ISAF Q&A 2014.013 M007'Taut' in OSR 3.14.2 and RRS 49.2
ISAf Q&A 2014.012.K004Tie break in Team Racing
ISAF Q&A2014.011 B009Not getting enough room at the finishing mark
ISAF Q&A2014.010 L003National letters on asymmetric spinnakers
ISAF Q&A2014.009 M006Racing Rules and rule 86
ISAF Q&A2014.008 N006The balance between the RRS and the IRPCAS
ISAF Q&A2014.007 K003When things go wrong at entry
ISAF Q&A 2014.006 K002Tie Break in Match Racing
ISAF Q&A 2014.005 F003Correcting mistakes in scoring BFD
ISAF Q&A 2014.004 L002Boards and boats rounding marks together
ISAF Q&A 2014.003 F002Provisional score vs final score
ISAF Q&A 2014.002 B008When does mark-room include room to gybe?
ISAF Q&A 2014.001 B007About mark-room and exoneration
ISAF Q&A 2013.036 N005ISAF Q&A 2013.036 N005
ISAF Q&A 2013.029 N003 (Revised 15 Jan 2014)ISAF Q&A 2013.029 N003 (Revised 15 Jan 2014)
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