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Regulations and Constitution - Interpretations

The Constitution Committee is responsible for interpreting the Constitution and Regulations of World Sailing. The Interpretations are published below.

Interpretations of the Regulations & Constitution

Interpretation 010-21Regs 35.3.2(k)(i) and 36.18 - amended 15.12.21
Interpretation 008-21
Interpretation 009-21Interpretation of Regulation 31.15.1
Interpretation 007-21Interpretation of Regulation 35 and Regulation 36.
Interpretation 006-21Acknowledgement
Interpretation 005-21Interpretation Request 005-21 - Acknowledgement
Interpretation 004-21Interpretation of Regulation 23
Interpretation 003-21Interpretation of Regulation 23.1.11 and Regulation 15.7
Interpretation 002-21Interpretation of various provisions of Regulation 35 and Regulation 16.1
Interpretation 001-21Interpretation on various provisions of Regulation 35
Interpretation 003-20Number of Ethics Commission members
Interpretation 002-20Interpretation on various provisions of Regulation 35
Interpretation 001-20Interpretation of Regulation 19.20 concerning Prohibited Events.
Interpretation 001-12 RevisedAppointment of ISAF Race Officials at Major Events
Interpretation 007-18Interpretation of Article 58 and Regulation 3.2
Interpretation 006-18Interpretation of Article 29
Interpretation 005-18Interpretation of Regulation 31
Interpretation 004-18Interpretation of Article 28(c) and procedures concerning AGM review of Regulations
Interpretation 003-18Reasoning in submission and Regulation 23 submission template
Interpretation 002-18Interpretation of Regulation 23
Interpretation 001-18Interpretation request concernin Regulation 10.5(e)
Interpretation 002-16Interpretation of Regulation 32
Interpretation 001-16Interpretation of Regulation 23.1.6 and associated questions
Interpretation 001-15Interpretation 001-15 of the ISAF Constitution by the Constitution Committee concerning Article 12 (Subscriptions)
Interpretation 001-14Interpretation of Regulation 35.11 concerning the Disciplinary Commission
Interpretation 002-14Interpretation of of Regulation 19.6(e) about capacity of IROs
Interpretation 001-13Regarding Regulation 32.10 - Suspension of Race Officials
Interpretations 004-12 - 005-12Regulation 23.1.3(c). Regulation 32.8
Interpretation 003-12Clarification of "review", Article 28(c)(iv)
Interpretation 002-12Interpretation relating to Regulation 23.1.4 on Olympic Events and Equipment
Interpretation 001-11Interpretation regarding proxy voting and representation at the ISAF Classes Committee
Interpretation 002-10Interpretation Regarding Appointment of Proxies and Representative
Interpretation 001-09Interpretation on the Voting Rights -International Classes Committee
Interpretation 001-10Interpretation on Supplemental Entry Fees
Interpretation 003-08Interpretation of the ISAF Constitution relating to Article 71 on the Nomination and Election of Officers
Interpretation 002-08Interpretation relating to Articles: 51-55 and Regulations: 9.4.2, 9.5.1
Interpretation 001-08Interpretation relating to the meaning of the word 'urgent'.
Interpretation 001-07Interpretation relating to Article 46(b), Regulations 1.6, 1.7, 1.9, 1.15(a), 16.1 on selection of events for the Olympic Games
Interpretation 003-05Interpretation relating to Regulation 2.34 on Continental Associations
Interpretation 002-05Interpretation relating to Regulation 6 on Appointment of Committee Members
Interpretation 001-05Interpretation relating to Regulation 34 on International Umpires Administration
Interpretation 004-02Interpretation relating to Regulations 19 and 21 on the Anti-Doping Code and Eligibility issues for America's Cup team members
Interpretation 003-02Interpretation relating to Regulation 20.3.1(b)(i) on Sailmakers Marks
Interpretation 002-02Interpretation relating to Regulation 20.3(d)(i) on advertising on bow of Optimists
Interpretation 001-02Interpretation relating to Regulation 21.2 on eligibility at Continental Championships
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