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Meeting Information
Conference2009 ISAF Annual Conference
Submission cut-off:1 August 2009
Meeting Schedule
Thursday 5 November 2009
09:30 - 18:00BoardPanoramaClosed
Friday 6 November 2009
14:30 - 18:00BoardPanoramaClosed
Saturday 7 November 2009
09:30 - 13:30BoardPanoramaClosed
Thursday 12 November 2009
09:30 - 12:00BoardPanoramaClosed
Sunday 15 November 2009
09:30 - 13:30BoardPanoramaClosed


Deferred Submission 084-082016 Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Deferred Submission 085-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Equipment
Deferred Submission 086-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Deferred Submission 087-08Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Deferred Submission 088-082016 Olympic Sailing Competition - Events
Submission 001-09Continental Association
Submission 002-09Rules of Debate
Submission 003-09Match Race Committee ToR
Submission 004-09Race Officials Committee
Submission 006-09Kiteboarding - Windsurfing Committee
Submission 007-09Rating Systems Sub-committee
Submission 008-09Technical Delegate
Submission 009-09The Olympic Commission
Submission 010-09Payment to International Umpires
Submission 011-09Advertising Code
Submission 012-09Advertising Code - Kiteboards
Submission 013-09Advertising Code - Classes and Rating Systems
Submission 015-09Advertising Code - Supplementary Entry Fee
Submission 018-09Advertising Code - Kiteboarding
Submission 019-09Classification Code Competitor Classification
Submission 020-09Classification Code Definitions
Submission 021-09Classification Code Procedures
Submission 022-09Classification Code General
Submission 023-09Classification Code Definitions
Submission 024-09Classification Code Procedures
Submission 025-09Classification Code Procedures
Submission 026-09Classification Code Protest Grounds and Procedure
Submission 027-09ISAF Plaque Fee Calculation
Submission 028-09Race Officials Administration
Submission 029-09Deletion of Terms of Reference of Commissions
Submission 031-09Olympic Sailing Competition
Submission 032-09Constitution Schedule A (Article 42)
Submission 033-09ISAF Conferences and Meetings
Submission 034-09ISAF to protect the design characteristics and integrity of their classes
Submission 035-09Change of Name of Windsurfing Committee
Submission 036-09ISAF Directors
Submission 037-09ISAF Regulations
Submission 081-09Course Format
Submission 082-09Tracking System, Electronic Control of the Starting Line and Course
Submission 083-09Selection of Windsurfing Equipment
Submission 084-09Selection of Equipment for Olympic Sailing Competition 2016
Submission 085-09ISAF Sailing World Cup
Submission 086-09ISAF Events
Submission 087-09ISAF Sailing World Cup
Submission 088-09Tracking System (SWC and Grade 1/2)
Submission 089-09ISAF Events
Submission 107-09Role of Rating Systems in Oceanic and Offshore Committee
Submission 108-09World Championships
Submission 109-09Rating Systems World Championships
Submission 110-09ORC Limited
Submission 116-09Publication of Race Officials Appointments
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