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Rohan VEAL (AUS)

Rohan VEAL (AUS)Rohan VEAL is considered by many to be the most highly skilled hydrofoil sailor in the world. Rohan's talents were set in stone at the 2005 International Moth World Championship where he blitzed the competition, winning every race in a variety of conditions by anything from two to 17 minutes. Rohan's performance was the most dominant in Moth Class history and he is the first sailor to ever win the World title using hydrofoils.

Rohan's talents on the water are matched by a drive to achieve off the water. His pursuit of the best designs and collaborations and his dedication to his sport is further illustrated by his commitment to the younger sailors in his class and yacht club who regularly benefit from his advice, experience and equipment.

The Achievements of Rohan Veal

1st - 2005 International Moth World Championship, January 2005
1st - 2004/5 International Moth Australian Open Championship, December 2004
2nd - 2004/5 International Moth Australian Championship, December 2004
3rd - 2005 International Moth European Championship, August 2005
2005 South Pacific Moth Champion, January 2005

Name: Rohan VEAL (AUS)
Place of Birth: Angers, France
Date of Birth: 28142
Profession: Web Developer/Business Owner
What inspired you to take up sailing? My father used to sail every weekend and as a child I used to go down and watch. Eventually I was old enough to sail a boat by myself, but only after I had taken the rather daunting test at the age of nine, of jumping off the pier fully clothed and swimming ashore. I actually didn't want to do it at the time, but felt compelled to as my younger brother said he would and I didn't want to be beaten by him.
What was the first boat you sailed? National Sabot Class at the age of 8
How did you buy your first boat and what was it? It was a national Sabot class for about AUS$300 and was in need of desperate repairs. I was nine at the time and Dad stripped back the whole boat to varnish and paint it. It was called 'Wombat' after the Australian native animal that is slow, fat and heavy, just like our Sabot.
Name your first sailing club: Black Rock Yacht Club, and I am still a member there today.
What was the first event you competed in? Australian National Sabot Championships at Mornington, Victoria in 1988
What was the first event you won? Australian National Moth Championships in 2002/3
What are the main achievements/personal highlights of your sailing career? Winning the 2005 Moth World Championships at my home club, with a win in all eight races. The biggest highlight of the regatta was in race 3 where I won by 17 minutes from second place. To the day I still can't believe I did this.
What are you future sailing goals? 1. Win back to back Moth World Championships.
What are you future sailing goals? 2. Have an attempt at breaking 50 knots in a custom built hydrofoiled boat.
What are you future sailing goals? 3. Compete in the 2012 Olympics on a hydrofoiled Moth.
What does sailing mean to you? Freedom! No traffic, no mobile phones and no computers!
Who has had the greatest impact on your sailing career and why? Andrew McDOUGALL (AUS) - He spent four years with me developing my skills and gave me everything that I needed in order to be the best in the World. The Moth class is one of the most challenging dinghy's in the world to race being only 30cms wide and 9kgs in weight. To do well in this class, means that you not only have the precise sailing skills and technique, but also the open mind set to develop your boat within the basic class parameters, and to make you sail as fast as possible.
Who is your sailing hero? Chris NICHOLSON (AUS) - Chris has proven himself to be one of the best skiff helmsman in the world, but is versatile enough to also race around the world in the Volvo's.
What other sports do you enjoy? During my five year term at University, I took a break from sailing (as I had no money to spare or time to compete) and instead competed in national Triathlons, Swimming and Water polo competitions. I was fortunate enough to be part of the bronze and silver medal water polo team in the 1997 and 1998 Australian University Games respectively.
What does being nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2005 mean to you? I can remember when I was about 12 years old putting a magazine picture of World Moth Champion Andrew LANDENBERGER on my wall and hoping that one day that I could sail a Moth. Eventually that opportunity came around and about four years ago, decided that I was going to do anything and everything that I had to, to win the World Championship.
What does being nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2005 mean to you? So when I got the news that I was being nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards, I was completely caught by surprise, let alone being selected as a finalist. I had no expectation that any recognition of this kind and at this level would follow something that I just love doing so much.
What does being nominated for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2005 mean to you? I only hope that I can give back to the sailing community what everyone has given to me.
If you were voted as the winner, what would this mean to you? As an amateur sailor, I would have never considered being eligible for the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year against the professional sailing machines that have access to an enormous amount of resources in the pursuit of their achievements.
If you were voted as the winner, what would this mean to you? So if I did win, I would be overwhelmed knowing that my comparatively simple passion for development classes, dedication to success and contribution towards coaching the sailors of tomorrow, is as equally recognised as those that have a professional career in sailing.
If you were voted as the winner, what would this mean to you? I also think it would be important for me to highlight to other weekend sailors that you do not have to be wealthy or a professional sailor to achieve success or recognition in international sailing, but to just have an open mind with a strong desire to win.
If you were voted as the winner, what would this mean to you? However I also think that I could not receive this award without recognizing all the other weekend sailors around the world, who have dared to modify their boat in effort to go that little bit faster or sail their boats that little bit easier. Without their creative flair and lateral thinking, I would not be here today as a finalist of the most prestigious award in international sailing.
If you were voted as the winner, what would this mean to you? Finally, if I was fortunate enough to receive the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award, I would use my exposure to continue to promote and encourage the interesting progress and unique developments of international sailing. However, I would not limit any progress or developments to just going faster, but to also make sailing more accessible to the wider community on both a visual and participation level.

RWS - 2005 - Rohan VEAL

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